Enhancements to our network monitoring platform

We have made a number of enhancements to the monitoring agents installed on your network. We use these agents to access, monitor, manage, upgrade and fix your network remotely. If any arising issues are detected we receive alerts automatically on our helpdesk.

We have added some additional monitors to the infrastructure which includes:

  • CPU temperature monitor
  • Microsoft Exchange health monitor
  • Windows Server backup monitor

These additional monitors allow us to improve the visibility of server health as part of our proactive managed IT service agreements. We have also made some changes to the automated monthly reporting which will now be emailed out to clients on the first day of each month. Reports will include:

Device summary – Provides an overview of a monitored device including; hardware details, networking, core software and critical alerts

30 day device alert summary – This report lists how many automated alerts have been created during the previous 30 days. We work hard to respond to these alerts as quickly as possible and resolve any arising issues, so any alerts in this report will hopefully not have impacted on your business.

If you have any further questions about our 24×7 network monitoring please get in touch with us.