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Wipe the platen (or ‘photocopying glass’) with a warm, damp cloth, including the small slit of glass on the device’s far left-hand side.

Your drum unit may need to be replaced. Please contact our Customer Service team to log a call using the form below.

First, load your paper into the multi-purpose tray, adjusting the guides for a snug fit.

The device’s touch screen will next prompt you to select your ‘Paper Type’. Press ‘OK’ to confirm.

Also, be sure to select your preferred input tray from the ‘Paper Source’ tab before pressing ‘Print’.

Your PC and device might be confused as to the size of paper you’re using.

Select ‘Status Monitor’ to review the status of your print job; you’ll be prompted to confirm your preferred input tray.

Once you’ve selected a tray, the job should print.

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You can also place a service call or order consumables by phoning us on 0113 262 0353, Monday to Friday 08:30 to 17:30.