Anti-Virus and Cloud Backup update

We have been using Redstor and McAfee services at most of our client schools which were procured by Lincolnshire County Council nearly five years ago. These licenses are soon due to expire so we have been hard at work testing replacement solutions to use when these licenses terminate.

Redstor – cloud backup software which takes a backup of critical data on school servers and securely backs this up to the cloud

McAfee Endpoint Protection – anti virus solution installed on all schools window devices

LCC will no longer be funding cloud backup and anti-virus from this point forwards so we have been working hard to identify suitable replacement solutions. It is critical these services are replaced to ensure school networks remain secure and resilient but any replacement service will be chargeable to schools. We have used our partner status with suppliers to leverage substantial discounts and ensure best value. We will be discussing this with schools during March ready for services to be replaced during the Easter holidays.