With regards to Coronavirus

Ridings is monitoring the situation closely with regard to the outbreak of Coronavirus and we are following the information and advice being issued by the relevant government authorities. Much is still unknown about the impacts of the virus and therefore it is impossible to predict accurately, the extent to which it will affect businesses and the supply of goods to the UK. Consequently, at Ridings we believe it responsible to work in line with the official advice and adopt an approach that is appropriate and proportionate to the scale of the situation.

Our existing established business continuity plans have been designed to support the continued delivery of products and services by providing options to reduce the effects of a range of risks. These cover people-related events, including infectious disease/pandemic and related knock-on effects. Naturally, the detail of our plans remains confidential.

We have of course, also been focussing on our employees’ welfare and ensuring they are kept informed about personal health and Company business matters in relation to the virus. To this end, we have been providing staff with regular email and intranet bulletins. We have the option in place for a large number of our employees to work from home, should this be required.

You can be assured that Ridings will as always, remain focussed on continuing to provide the high level of service that our customers have come to expect from us.